Collection of personal data of the users

While visiting the website, you will have the opportunity to provide your personal data. These data will be collected and processed solely by Dr. Marcus International LTD.and LLP. for marketing purposes, provided that the consent has been expressed.

Therefore in all places, where on our website you are required to enter your personal data, there is an opportunity to give your consent to that. The administrator of personal data of the website users is Dr.Marcus International LTD.and LLP. seated at 2 Wojska Polskiego Street, 62-800 Kalisz.

The users have the right to access their data and to correct, amend, update and remove them at any time. To that end, the users should contact Dr. Marcus International LTD.and LLP via e-mail at the following address:

Anonymity of the administration and processing of data / data processing

The present website can be visited without revealing your identity. When you visit our website only the following data are received: the name of the service provider enabling the connection to the Internet and the website you have viewed before arriving at Dr.Marcus website as well as individual subpages you have viewed on our website.

Revocation of consent at any time

At any time there is the possibility to revoke the consent to store, transfer and use of the personal data provided by the users on voluntary basis.  Revocation of your consent can be made by ordinary post at the above address or by email at the following address:

We have provided the possibility to revoke your consent via e-amil in places on our website where you are required to enter personal data.


Access to this website can be registered by means of the “cookies” technology. “The cookies” are files containing a short text written by the website on the user’s hard drive in order to store information there (for example, to save the information concerning the website setup made by the user).

When you browse this website, it is possible that ”cookies” can be installed on your computer. Cookies contain information about the visits of this website user.  The users have the option of preventing cookies from being stored on their computers by making corresponding settings in the browser.

The users agree that the website will install “cookies” on their computer and that they will use  “cookies” technology by configurable settings of the Web browser, which is used by the users.

Dr. Marcus International LTD.and LLP. reserves the right to use the information contained in the „cookies” files stored on the user’s computer only to carry out the aggregate, anonymous statistical studies, which will allow the company to improve its products and customer service as well as develop this website.

Dr. Markus International LTD.and LLP. respects your privacy. Protection of privacy while processing your personal data is an important issue, to which we pay special attention in our business operations. The personal data collected during the visits on our websites are processed confidentially and in accordance with the law.