EAN code - 5900950769031

Fresh Bag Ocean Breeze

Exhilarating experience enclosed in a small bag.

Small polymer beads have been soaked with French perfumes and put in tasteful bags tided up with a practical ribbon. Dr.Marcus hanging car air freshener is intended not only for your vehicle but also for your wardrobe or a bathroom. Looking as a discreet and fancy gadget it can be used as a perfect gift. To be used in your car, house or office.

The fragrance releases slowly up to 45 days.

Weight: 20g.

Product card

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Ubiquitous sensation contained by a piece of the thinnest fabric.

We have soaked the polymer balls with French perfumes and closed in a bag with practical cord. The Dr. Marcus Fresh Bag can be used in a car, but also in closets or drawers. The Fresh Bag is also a discrete and tasteful addition to every interior as well as a great gift idea. The product can be used for car, home and office. the fragrance releases slowly up to 45 days. Weight: 20 g.


Logistics data

Way of packing Number of pcs Number of pcs in the packaging Quantity on the pallet Pcs on the pallet Image
Box 30 - 204 6120 -
Blister 24 192 46 8832 -
Display 15 90 40 3600 -